Wednesday 19 April 2006

Manga Comic Books on the Rise

Here's an interesting tidbit from Publishing News a propos the rise and rise of graphic novels:

OTTAKAR'S HAS DOUBLED its manga sales in the past month with the Manga Collector’s Club and manga-themed evenings in some of its stores. Loughborough store Manager Melanie Ball told PN: “Manga is doing fantastically well. It’s just been climbing and climbing, and the events also do brilliantly.” The chain’s Fiction Manager Janine Cook added: “It’s looking very good. We’re at least 100% up on the month before. It might be even more, but that’s the minimum impact.”
At the chain’s manga evenings attendees are offered giveaways, discounts, and the chance to watch Japanese anime films. The Manga Collector’s Club allows customers to get a special card stamped every time they buy a title from either Gollancz Manga or Tokyopop, and be given a free manga title once they have three stamps


  1. Candy
    It seems that graphic novels are filling a definite gap in the market. They appeal to boys in particular and with our ever increasing pace of life, they don't require much concentration and therefore fit nicely into today's market, or am I being too harsh there?

  2. I think it's not short term attention spans but visual appeal. I've always wondered why picture books are categorised as younger reads when older children love pictures. My own son is a reluctant reader but there are very few fully illustrated texts out there appropriate for his age and interests. For a long time now, the French have been publishing more graphically oriented books for older children but I have yet to see these come over the channel. As for graphic novels - I lapped up comic books as a teenager, reading and re-reading and copying the drawings. I used to think they were better than TV!


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