Wednesday 30 May 2012

Singapore Fling – What’s a couple of bestsellers between editors?

By Candy Gourlay
Your intrepid Notes from the Slushpile reporter managed to get herself invited to speak at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content – which was a combination of children’s literary festival, book fair, and a SCBWI Conference. This is the first of hopefully several exhausted ... er ... exhaustive reports. With many thanks to the amazing organizers of an amazing Festival – and to the editors for so generously sharing their stories and allowing us to badger them with questions.
You’ve got to congratulate the organizers of the AFCC. There on one panel, an editor from the house of Twilight and an editor from the house of Harry Potter. Please salivate quietly, everyone.

Monday 28 May 2012

Dystopian Overdrive: Teri Terry reports on Foyles' Sci-fi night

It was quite a spread - there on stage Philip Reeve of Mortal Engines fame moderating a panel including Moira Young (Blood Red Road), indy star Kim Lakin Smith and Steve Cole (Dr Who and mooing space cows). Oh and co-moderator was Sarah McIntyre (space princesses!!!!). AND in the audience were some pretty hot sci fi authors - including Patrick Ness, Sara O'Connor and Teri herself of course. Check out Teri's report on the Demention blog.

Thursday 24 May 2012

Marcus Sedgwick and the Giant Killer Cats

by Addy Farmer
Marcus in workshop mode
Alongside a 16 year career in publishing Marcus Sedgwick established himself as a widely-admired writer of YA fiction; he is the winner of many prizes, most notably the Branford-Boase Award for a debut novel Floodland, and the Booktrust Teenage Prize for My Swordhand is Singing. His books have been shortlisted for over thirty other awards, including the Carnegie Medal (four times), the Edgar Allan Poe Award (twice) and the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize (four times). His latest title in the UK is Midwinterblood.

Monday 21 May 2012

Second Book Syndrome, or How putting one book behind you can unleash a brand new world

by Jo Wyton

The wondrous Addy Farmer blogged beautifully a few days ago on The Book of Letting Go, her story of finally dropping a manuscript that she's been devoting everything to for a long time. It's apparent from the comments that people left, that she isn't the only one.

Thursday 17 May 2012

The Book of Letting Go

by Addy Farmer

Recently writing has been a little... frustrating. I have not yet turned to drink or drugs (unless you count coffee and biscuits) but the experience has left me weary and not a little sluggish; that is to say, I have felt like a slow-moving creature trying to get to the Other Side whilst in constant danger of being squashed. Why? It's simple and it's complicated.

I have shelved my teen novel.

Monday 7 May 2012

A Facebook Stealth Mobbing and a Book is Born!

The day before the launch of Teri Terry's exciting first book Slated, things went a little... er... crazy... (What can I say? It started innocently enough!)

"What a great promotion idea!" someone commented on Facebook, a few hours into the day. Well - it wasn't so much a promotion idea as a Big Giggle. But yeah. It ended up being pretty good, promotion wise.

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