Friday 6 September 2019

Launching Kitty

On Saturday I was in my favourite book shop, Waterstones Milton Keynes, launching a new series from OUP by myself and Jenny Lovelie. It's a highly illustrated series in two colour for young readers from maybe 5+.

Kitty is a girl with cat-like superpowers and she has to learn to use them wisely. She has heightened senses and great agility, so she runs across the rooftop at night with her cat crew. The first book, Kitty and the Midnight Rescue, sees her rescue a stripy ginger kitten called Pumpkin. In the second book, Kitty and the Tiger Treasure, she solves a mystery when a precious artefact is stolen from the city museum.

As a long-time cat lover, this series has been a joy to write. It was also wonderful to launch it in Waterstones MK as they have been supportive towards me for a really long time and for that I am immensely grateful.

I really hope young readers will love this series. I ran a crafty activity making cat masks (just like Kitty's!) on the day and enjoyed seeing everyone getting very creative.

It was also amazing to have the support of friends. I was so so happy to have a few Slushies and other writer pals there looking suitably cat-like!

My four week old baby mostly slept through proceedings in spite of losing one of her kitten socks. I have a suspicion that a few people may have come to see her as much as me!

The third book, Kitty and the Sky Garden Adventure, will be out next year.

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