Monday 15 January 2007

Who are we writing for?

Remember that thing I wrote about how authors have to keep up with their readers?

Wanna meet one of our readers? This kid is 14 years old, and he's got a lot more narrative sense than I ever had at that age. He makes a mean video too.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.


  1. Interesting Candy. Not sure this individual is your average 14 year old... still no way I could've made a video at 14. Still- that's technology for you.

  2. That's amazing. This boy is clearly very sussed and creative. He's probably not entirely your average 14 year old guy, but I'm also sure that there are plenty more like him. You should try to track him down and interview him!

  3. Hi Candy,
    My daughter has got into making these movies too. She uses windows movie maker and is getting quite good at it. I think it will be the way of the future.

  4. Yes, i think your daughter would be great at them. She's got a style that would suit! Aren't these kids lucky to have technology! And yes, Jude and Attylah, he's a special kid ... but you must admit kids that age are pretty amazing these days!

  5. It's scary, Candy!
    This could be expanded to an article, perhaps?
    'What are 14 year-olds creating now?'
    Internet access for example - teenagers have created their own language. If I look over my daughter's shoulder while she's online, she's holding simultaneuos conversations with five people at once in a language that I don't understand. It's very complicated and shows the speed and skill of their communication skills. I couldn't even type at her age!
    I think we're evolving - I know a six -month old baby who can say 'ello! - computer brain?


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