Wednesday 30 November 2011

Notes from the Slushpile Counts Down to Christmas!

Here at Notes from the Slushpile, we've thrown off economic gloom, dispensed with bah-humbug and we've embraced the warm, fuzzy spirit of Christmas. It is with delight that we give you, dear readers, the gift of insider knowledge.

In the run up to the big day, you can enjoy the wise words and advice given by a host of angelic children's book folk. From agents to commissioning editors, our contributors have been unstinting in their generosity and no less than sparkling in their comments. You'll be dazzled, inspired and all set for writing into 2012.

So enjoy our neatly packed parcels of joy - one a day for 25 days - from December 1st 'til Christmas day!

Do come by and leave us a comment  (or three) - we get lonely without you! You don't even have to keep checking back, sign up (on the sidebar to the left) and get our blog emailed to you as and when there's something new!

Happy Reading!


  1. I LOVE the outfits! And Candy's surprised expression at how good she looks in hers. Looking forward to reading more!

  2. Me too: I'd like to say the Book Launch Diet has been this successful!!
    (sadly, not)
    Unlike this series of blog posts which will be exciting, informative and full of surprises!
    Who will be first....?

  3. That picture made me laugh quite pathetically. It would have been a more powerful beastie laugh, but I have a cold, and my lungs wouldn't cooperate.
    Looking forward to seeing your countdown to Christmas. Happy festive writing!

  4. Looking good ladies!

    The advent blog AND the outfitts!

  5. Great picture! Looking forward to the posts - what a brilliant idea!

  6. Of course they come with chocolate! Every commenter will receive chocolate sent by my teleporter

  7. Girls, you all look marvellous. When's the cabaret?
    Looking forward to the advent blog posts! What a great idea - an advent calendar for writers!

  8. We have a great line up for you. And a little bit of Christmas silliness.

  9. What a lovely idea - thanks so much! Can't wait to see who's in the line-up.

  10. Loved the post, and much impressed by your FAB outfits! Will you have bunny girl suits for Easter?

  11. What a great idea! Sewing madly ... the whiskers might be problematic though.


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