Friday 21 September 2012

Go for gold! Why we must all be more like Andy Murray

This is actually a heads up that something absolutely brilliant has just been posted on the Demention Blog by Julie Bertagna (author of the extraordinary Exodus trilogy).

The demon of self-doubt lives inside every artist and athlete, in anyone who has ever pushed beyond their comfort zone. So many actors, writers, musicians and comedians
(professions of self-doubting stagetakers) were passionately caught up in the Olympics and in Andy Murray’s battle most of all. Writer Irvine Welsh was not the only one in Twitter meltdown during the US Open, recognising it as a creative struggle of the most epic kind. It was just happening on a tennis court, instead of a page or a stage. Here’s what every writer can learn from Andy Murray and the Olympic athletes. Read the whole thing

The name Dunblane used to bring to mind the worst evils human beings can bring on each other.

Andy Murray has changed all that.

We should all go forth and be totally thrawn. (not a typo ... but you have to read Julie's piece to find out what it means)

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