Monday 22 July 2013

The Slushpile Silly Season - What a Difference One Letter Makes

by Addy Farmer

"Twitter just loves wordy hashtag games and the latest is of a literary bent: #bookswithalettermissing has been trending as tweeters gleefully delete one letter from famous titles to conjure up different works altogether. Hence the likes of The Princess Brie, Loud Atlas, Laughterhouse-Five, A Christmas Carl and The Lion, the Itch and the Wardrobe. It's hard to resist coming up with one's own: Madame Ovary, The World According to Gap or A Brief History of Tim, anyone? One tweeter, the mysterious @darth, duly picked up the ball and ran with it, responding to suggestions by designing actual book jackets." The Guardian

Thought our readers might enjoy this piece of inspired madness. It's all here in a piece from The Guardian. Read, look and enjoy...

the brilliance of @darth
I'm sure Dickens would have approved.

more @darth excellence
Not so sure about Dan Brown...

and @darth does it again

Got any others?


  1. Replies
    1. They are so clever aren't they? Thanks for dropping by, Martina.

  2. I missed it on Twitter but this is great - perfect warm weather fun.

  3. Brilliant, Jackie!! There's a title that screams for a visual!

    How about The Hunker Games? (Probably "hunker" is not used much outside of North America.)

    1. I think you're cheating! Thanks for joining in!

  4. The Little Hose on the Prairie?
    LM Alcott's God Wives?
    Debi Gliori's No Matter Hat? or what about Candy's very own: Tall Tory?
    They're all pretty poor but I love Jackie's!

    1. Genius, Clare! Now we just need some book covers - chop, chop.


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