Friday 14 February 2014

Through the Slushpile Spectacles

It's Friday. I have looked back on this week through my newish purple spectacles and find that I need something cute to take the edge off the reality of rain and rain and more rain.

This is the owl baby who says, ''I want my Mummy!' This is the owl who is Afraid of the Dark. This is the owl who will grow up and live in a tree-top house with a bell outside and a sign with 'wol' written on it. This is the owl who will take to sea in a boat ...

I give you the owl of all those stories. Think of him as a sustaining owl to help you through the storms. I think I'm in love.

Happy Friday.


  1. Could he be The Quizzical Owl? Those eyes seem to ask, Who am I? Although the claws hint darkly, What am I? Thanks for sharing, Addy. He's gorgeous.

    1. I like your thinking, Rowena and thank you I trawled the internet for minutes to find him.


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