How to Get Published

We've compiled this list of links on how to get published in the children's book world to save you emailing us and asking if we could publish you. Yup. We get letters like that a lot. This is an act of mercy and our gift to you, dear reader. We will keep this page primed with the latest best stuff on How to Get Published. Good luck and good writing.

Write a Great Book

Ten Top Tips on How Not to Get Published by Candy Gourlay on the Banana Peelin Blog

Finding Your Voice: a SCBWI Masterclass with Beverley Birch by Addy Farmer

PubRants on Beginning Writer Mistakes

How to Write a Novel using the Snowflake Method

The Writer's Cheatsheet (PDF)

Tony Bradman on the Art of Story by Candy Gourlay

YA Voice: Slang and Teen Vernacular by Candy Gourlay

Fantasy Master Class with Sara 'Slasher' O'Connor by Candy Gourlay

Sara Grant's Master Class in Revision by Teri Terry

Why You're Never Going to Be Published by Editorial Anonymous (also read in sidebar 'Things Not to Send in Slushpile Ever Again')

Nathan Bransford on How to Write a Novel

Nathan Bransford's Writing Advice Database

Editorial Anonymous on The Heroism of Revision

It's Not a Product It's a Lifestyle

Sara Zarr on The Speech I Wanted to Hear

Ten Commandments for the Happy Writer by Nathan Bransford

Welcome to the Adventure by Sarah Davies

Are you ready to be published? By Nicola Morgan

Clue Yourself Up About the Book World

How the Publishing Process Works by Nathan Bransford

The Beginners Guide to Publishing by Editorial Anonymous

Greenhouse Literary Agency Q&A on Writing for Children

Rights Seminar by Sarah Davies - Part 1, Part 2

Writing for children and teenagers by Nicola Morgan

How Publishing Really Works on Submitting

Being Published is Not Enough by How Publishing Really Works

How to Put Together a Great Submission

C is for Commissioning Editor by Stroppy Author

Query Writing: A Guide for the Anxious by Sarah Davies

Common Mistakes of Unpublished Writers by Nicola Morgan

Miss Snark on Synopses

Miss Snark on crap queries - 'creative queries', on posting rejection letters online with amusing comments

Copyright and Queries by Editorial Anonymous

How to Write a Query Letter by Nathan Bransford

The Basic Query Letter Formula by Nathan Bransford

How to Write a Synopsis by Nathan Bransford

Lee Weatherly's Tips on How to Write a Synopsis by Candy Gourlay

Networking, Platforms and Self Promotion

Blogging for the Writer by Jane Friedman

Resources for Building an Online Platform by Nicola Morgan

Build Your Own Website Series by Candy Gourlay

Don't Go Wide, Go Deep by Candy Gourlay

Get an Agent

What do Literary Agents Do by Nathan Bransford

How to Find a Literary Agent by Nathan Bransford

What Agents Want (Agent's Party 2011)

Nicola Morgan on Agents

Miss Snark on Agents

PubRants Agenting 101 (More links on the sidebar to the right)

PubRants Pitching Workshop


Editorial Speak by Editorial Anonymous (Reading your rejections)

The Great Thing About Rejection by Candy Gourlay

The Sting in Nice Rejections by Candy Gourlay

The Eight Rules of Rejection by Editorial Anonymous

You've got a Book Contract. Now What?

Acquisitions by Editorial Anonymous

Stroppy Author's How to Read a Publishing Contract

Stroppy Author's How to Speak Publisher

What You Can Do: 12 Easy Steps - from Pimp My Novel

Miss Snark on Firing Your Agent

Advice for Family and Friends by Katy Wyton

Any additions, subtractions, questions, answers, comments or compliiments? Let us know below!


  1. Brilliant idea! Fab page.

  2. We should have done this a long time ago!

  3. Does anyone know any good books on self-publishing?
    Thanks a lot!

    1. I don't know any books but I suggest you check out Joanna Penn's The Creative Penn site - sign up for the newsletter, follow the blog ... you'll learn everything you need to know.


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