Friday 1 July 2005

Trends in the children's book market 2005

Keeping in mind that any new titles Random House buys this year will be published in 2007 (!), here is a rundown of basic trends in children’s publishing, according to Kelly Cauldwell (See feature on Kelly):

  • “Fantasy is still going very strong. The market may be saturated but the kids don’t seem to be saturated! Your problem will be getting your manuscript past the gatekeepers (editors) – just the thought of reading another trilogy about a dragon has people at Random House fighting NOT to have to read it (they will, because they have to).”

    "Its enduring popularity has made fantasy harder to publish. If this is your genre, you have to show that your book is better than anything else!"

  • "Historical fiction seems to be doing quite well."

  • The time slip plot – "one has just sold for a lot of money."

  • "Girly chick lit has the same pull as fantasy. But again, it’s got to get past the people who will say, ‘Oh no, not another one!’ It will also take a lot of marketing imagination to make it stand out."

  • "We are trying to corner that market for boys! What do boys like? Sports, fantasy, funny stories. Every boy asks for more funny stories."

  • "Really girly, sparkling series for young girls is one of the bandwagons."

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