Monday 9 November 2009

The X Factor, Rejections and Other Visitations

Another shock exit on the X-Factor.

I have a morbid fascination for the programme. The process is not dissimilar to the whole submission-rejection mangle that writers must suffer.
Simon Cowell: "They're going to lose anyway."

Rejecting editor: "They're not going to sell anyway."
Oh the pain.

Meanwhile, one of my regulars, Hugo (10) has produced this image of me working at my desk:

Me working at my desk by Hugo. Click on the image to view a bigger version.

I've added in arrows to draw your attention to Hugo's eye for detail and sense of humour. The poster above my desk reads 'Keep Calm and Carry On'. His version reads: 'Keep scared and Freak Out'. He draws himself pointing an accusing finger at me and saying, "YOU TWITTER." Wow. I feel guilty already. He notices that I am not wearing any shoes and I appear to be humming with pleasure as I pound at the keyboard.

Thank you, Hugs. Very well observed.

What my desk actually looks like.

Meanwhile another of my young friends has been busy.

Naissa (10), whose parents happen to be acrobats, has just written and illustrated a novel! She spent the summer in Brazil (where the parents were busy wowing Brazilians) and wrote YUKIM. The hero (from whom the book gets its title) sets off on a magical journey with his companion, a doormouse named Domonic. Naissa's mum tells me she was much inspired by the Christopher Paolini book, Bresinger.

Well done, Naissa! (And well done, Christopher Paolini!)


  1. Brilliant drawing and what fine children! Why have you got a rolling pin to the left of your desk by the way?

  2. Hey, just saw RHCB tweeted about Tall Story, they sound very excited!!! Yay! I retweeted and said you were my friend, I am such a name-dropper. Hey, are you on Twitter at all?

    Oh, I forgot to tell you, I had a meeting with David Fickling awhile back and he was mentioning he had a bunch of exciting new titles, and I said, oh yes, I heard about Candy, that's great! He and Hannah the editor were surprised and asked how I knew you, so I told them we had slept together, and watched their eyebrows shoot up.
    ...It was so funny that I just left it at that, heh heh.

  3. sue, it's not a rolling pin. it's a roll of sticky back plastic! hmm. need a rolling pin to hand though. it will be useful for swatting away pesky visitors.

  4. Sarah! that is too funny! there is a part in my book that is based on that bed sharing incident. you will recognize it when you read it!

    desperately trying to finish blog post about the deal!

  5. Ha ha! I can't wait! XD

    All I can remember you saying about it is that you thought I slept like the dead. And I remember you didn't actually sleep, you just wrote your novel all night long.


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