Monday 7 December 2009

My First Publisher's Christmas Party

Here's what Random House children's books people do when nobody's looking. You might want to play some lively music while watching it, as it's a silent movie.
If you can't see it here, you can find it on YouTube

I was relieved when I saw that the Book Brunch Children's Column had a report on the Random House Children's Books Christmas Party. I feel honour-bound to report it (it's my first publisher's party after all!) BUT:

1 I was so busy combing my hair (a mother at my daughter's school once called me "Never Knowingly Combed") that I forgot to take my camera. Besides, I was wearing a dress. Which hurt.

2 The party was so full of famous people I spent a lot of time artfully avoiding them.

3 I can't remember the names of all the nice people I met apart from an editor who confessed that he was a certain anonymous blogging editor (I remember his name but it would be pointless revealing it here!).
Anyway, what with trying not to have to talk to Philip Pullman (he looks just like his photographs but I didn't want to get too close in case he wanted me to say something about Original Sin), and worshipping Jacqueline Wilson without catching her eye (sorry, Jackie, that was me breathing down your neck), it was tricky being the new kid on the block.

Thankfully I did meet a bunch of people who live in and around my neighbourhood (what is it about the Holloway Road that attracts all these hacks and authors?). Also, at the pub later, David Fickling bought me a pint without realising it (there were people queuing and his was the fastest wallet).

I also learned a lot about publishing from various lovely people there who make up the very valuable cogs and wheels of the Random House factory - from supplies (she's Canadian) to marketing (he plays the piano) and publicity (she's pregnant)!

I know, I know, there is a shameful lack of useful information and photographs in this post, so to make it up to you, here is a Very Important Video :

Thanks to Philip Ardagh for the link.
If you can't see it here, go directly to YouTube


  1. Ooh, ooh you met Phillip Pullman? Can I touch your hand next time I see you? I'm also stealing the surprised kitty video and posting it on FB.

  2. Congratulations on your first publisher's Christmas Party. I was the stray outside pressing my nose against the window. Maybe next year, eh!
    Love the kitten. I too am about to steal it and post it on FB.

  3. Ha! No, I didn't meet Philip Pullman. Just admired him from a distance and marvelled at how he looked like all the photographs I ever saw of him.

  4. Fun to hear about the party. Very entertaining. And the video at the end can be watched endless times for intense enjoyment. Haha. Very relevant.


  5. You met me! It was great to meet you. :)

  6. Luisa! Of course! And you looked just like your photographs too! So how many unfinished conversations did you have? I racked them up!

  7. Candy, I'm the pregnant publicist! It was so great to meet you at the party, glad you enjoyed it, plus the surprised cat video has made me laugh my coffee all over my chin! Georgia

  8. Hi Georgia! i forgot to mention that there were a lot ofbabies in evidence at the party, as well as babies in waiting. keep warm, put your feet up and thanks for a great time.

    The truth is I do remember many names but to remember one is to have to remember all!

  9. I'm so glad you were there, Candy! I got a bit nervous just before I arrived, and it was SO calming to see your friendly face. (And you looked very nice in that dress, even if it DID hurt!) xx

  10. How did I miss this?! for one excited minute I thought I was going to see you in a dress....the House of Books was some compensation though x


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