Wednesday 3 October 2012

School Librarian of the Year Award 2012

Adam (right) receives the award from
author Kevin Crossley-Holland who is
President of the School Library Association
Congrats to Adam Lancaster who is SLA School Librarian of the Year and Duston School for winning the Library Design Award. It was an inspiring event with many thrilling ideas about enthusing children into reading. But the awesome initiatives on display were made poignant by a constant awareness of the terrible challenges nibbling away at our libraries. When I was a kid, the library rescued me. But who's going to rescue the libraries?

Read my post on the SLA Librarian of the Year Award

Please participate in this online survey, part of a piece of research entitled Envisioning the Library of the Future, commissioned by Arts Council England. This programme of research will inform the development of the Arts Council’s long-term vision for public libraries in England. Go to the Survey 


  1. What a great honour!! Yay for the School Librarian of the Year event!!

    Take care

  2. It's been a great year for Adam Lanchester,picking up the Eleanor Farjeon award for the Federation of Children's Bookgroups last year and now this. Well deserved as well.

    If you want to speak out for libraries, there is a survey you can fill in online

    Not sure if you're allowed to put links up here, we shall see!

  3. Whoop! Well done that man: we do need more male school librarians! :D


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