Wednesday 13 February 2013

New York! New York! Round-up of SCBWI's 2013 Conference

By Candy Gourlay
(Who wasn't there)

Photo from the Empire State Building by Teri Terry (sholdn't you have been at the conference, Teri?)

Notes from the Slushpile sent a reporter to the recent SCBWI Conference in New York but she somehow ended up on the wrong side of the stage at the wrong event.

Our Teri Terry  (#conferencefail!) bunked the New York conference to appear in Teen Flights of Fantasy at the Books of Wonder bookshop on West 18th Street. The panel included, from the left:  Brodi Ashton (Everbound),  Jocelyn Davies (A Fractured Light)  Cynthia Hand (Boundless), Teri (Slated) and Jodi Meadows (Asunder),

Rather thrilling to see one of ours in a bookshop in the Big Apple! When I say 'ours' I mean our blog team member Teri Terry's!

So to make up for Teri's lack of intrepidity (is that a word?), we're compiling brilliant blog posts that have come out of the Conference here. If you wrote something about it and we missed you, do leave a link in the comments!

Caroline Hooton's blog
Part 1 - 'Don't chase trends because you'll never catch them'
Part 2 - If Children were idiots, it would be easier to write for them.' - Meg Rosoff

SCBWI Conference Blog

Sruble's World 
Illustrator's Intensive - 'Style is like personality' - Shaun Tan

Renee Kurilla Art and Story Blog
'More cats! More cats! - go there

Inky Girl by Debbie Ridpath Ohi
Part 1 - The Importance of Maintaining the Bubble of Delusion - Shaun Tan
Part 2 - Meg Rosoff: Children's books and changing lives

SCBWI Blog by Lee Wind
Twitter View of the Conference

On the Verge by Jodi Casella
Julie Andrews' secret to writer's block

YA Author Kimberly Sabatini's Blog
Part 1 - In which Meg might have put some screws out on some celebrity authors!
Part 2 - You don’t get to be a historic artifact or an author without a certain amount of persistence.

That's Another Story Blog by Andrea Mack
Books are a Safe Haven

Martha Brockenbrough's pre-conference posts
Robert Brown of Scholastic and an unaffiliated plug for SCBWI
Harper Collins editor Molly O'Neill
Meg Rosoff: 'Writers are naturally questioning, fairly dark people'

Elizabeth Fais - The Book that Rocked Your World

Andrea Offerman: Be bold, avoid discouragement, let go of the outcome

I am so grateful to all the people who kept up the tweeting on #NY13SCBWI - it really felt like I was there! Last time I was in New York (first time to attend the winter conference) it was waist deep in snow. The airport closed after my plane landed. You can check out my report here.

(Send us your conference blog links, now y'all!)


  1. Hey! Thanks for sharing my blog post. I LOVE this blog, by the way. Soooo wish I had discovered it a few years ago when I was floundering around in the pre-published trenches. Awesome idea. I'm sharing your link with everyone I know.

  2. This post will require feet up, a cup of coffee and a biscuit. Thanks for finding all the links, Candy.

  3. Love this. Thanks so much for including my post. :-) I have another one up, if you're interested:

  4. how did I miss this post?
    I was SO SO jet lagged and not sleeping do to being freaked out about my lost passport when that photo was taken (long story) that it's a wonder my eyes are even open ...


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