Friday 10 April 2015

Storifying my guest appearance on #UKMGchat: All About Dual Narratives


By Candy Gourlay
On 9 April, I guested on the vociferous #UKMGchat, a twitter chat group devoted to middle grade in the United Kingdom. Here's a recap of our night of tweeting (you might have to wait for the embedded tweet images to show up):

I didn't spot this question so I will answer this here - a dual narrative only works if the reader wants to read both stories. I  have read dual books and skipped one voice because I didn't see the point of the other. There has to be a point to using the dual narrative structure.

Agents and editors had no problem about it. I have since talked to children who tell me how theyhad to get their heads around it.
There are many ways of structuring a dual narrative - you can alternate voices, places, time periods ... check out this blog post I wrote giving examples of dual narrative.
I liked how the minor historical narrative in Holes, paces itself so that every reveal adds to the frisson of the other story.
Although I don't think the independent stories that weave through Shine count as part of a multiple narrative because they are only small components of one storyline and do not carry on through out the book.

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View an unexpurgated Storify of the chat here

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