Friday 31 March 2006

BOLOGNA 2006!!! Hungarian Showcase

Every year the Bologna Book Fair showcases the illustrators from one country. This year's honoured Hungary – "30 illustrators 30 books" (pictured above). The exhibition explored the work of 30 artists, each of whom exhibited about fifteen illustrations and an ”illustrated book model” made up of some of the selected works. This was a terrific exhibition marred only by an odd presentation design in which some work was reduced and presented on low tables so that you had to get a crick in the neck to get a good look. The work on the tables were in perspex cubes - which made viewing even more awkward. But the inspirational exhibition made one quickly forget the pain in the neck ...

This is by Bekes Rozi -

These are by Karpati Tibor -

And this is Stark Attila -

Apologies for the quality of the images which were taken by a very low-pixel camera phone!

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