Thursday 31 January 2008

Book Banners Are At It Again

A book I really liked is being banned - Looking for Alaska by John Green. Here's John ranting very reasonably about the banning:

Even Meg Cabot (The Princess Diaries) had a little banning episode recently.
Princess on the Brink was banned on the grounds of it being “immoral” and having “untraditional values.”

It’s true: The Princess Diaries series does encourage young girls to be strong, independent thinkers in today’s society. At one point, one female character in Princess on the Brink directly instructs another not to accept the traditional gender roles that have been thrust upon them for centuries by men.

If that’s what someone considers immoral and embracing untraditional values, ALL my books can be banned for all I care. Hey–I’m PROUD to be BANNED IN THE USA!
If folks want to control what their kids read, I suppose that's up to them. But when these same folks decide to control what the rest of the world reads. Well ...


  1. Wha'?! This is unbelievable.
    Funny, a friend and I were having this sort of discussion a week or so ago - she has two teenage daughters. "Why," she asked me, "don't any YA writers deal with sex realistically - it's like they all pretend it doesn't happen, mustn't happen, that's so not real."
    I think what makes Waiting for Alaska a powerful book is that it is real, it doesn't condescend to teenagers, it deals with exactly the kind of issues and emotions that teens deal with - and it does it honestly and with integrity.
    Methinks there are sectors of the US population that are living in la-la land. They need to wake up and smell the teen hormones...

  2. >They need to wake up and smell the teen hormones

    this made me laugh. there are a lot of teen hormones in my household at the moment!


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