Monday 11 May 2009

The Textonym for 'BOOK' is 'COOL'

I learned the word 'textonym' for the first time last night on the Radio 4 programme, Front Row.

There was an interview with David Wark of Chambers Dictionary who has actually written a programme to uncover textonyms in the dictionary. Wark explains on his blog:
Some of the these are happily serendipitous, others potentially disastrous, and some yield connections that would probably never otherwise be made.

Employers, be careful if you choose to text your candidates the outcome of their interviews - selection and rejection may be semantically distant, but they are perilously close together in the world of predictive text (keys 735328466). A night out can quickly turn from merriness to messiness, but thankfully it's easy to adjust your message accordingly (637746377). Read more
I'd always found it amusing that texting 'Mum' on predictive text often turned up 'Nun' . On his Facebook profile, my friend, Daoud, now calls himself 'Fante', which comes up when his name is entered in predictive text . My Filipino maiden name 'Quimpo', rather cryptically emerges as 'Ruins'.

But isn't it cool that the textonym for 'Book' is 'Cool'?

How refreshing in an age where its customary for the older generation to bash young people for being into technologies that the oldies themselves are resisting.

Go, young people!

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