Tuesday 11 August 2009

Titian: the Last Days by Mark Hudson -- a book trailer made by his daughter (hee hee)

Should we get our kids to help promote our books?

Love the part where she says: "I think it's boring but my mum read it and she thought it was really ... interesting."

Late add: This video is testament to the hoops authors have to jump through to sell their books. I just read Nathan Bransford's recent blog post in which he asks:
Can you be "just an author" these days, pecking away at a typewriter in a basement somewhere but otherwise completely eschewing publicity and remaining out of the public eye, Salinger- and Pynchon-style, writing in a bubble-like Platonic ideal of authordom?
His conclusion is that an established author could probably pull off a hermit-profile. But really, what with the economy in dire straits, publishers want bang for their buck ...
And one of the best ways to get bang for the buck is to start with an author who is doing everything they can to help out with publicity, thus multiplying the publisher's efforts
We have to live with the realities of our time and sometimes that means making the most of YouTube.


  1. Cute! The thing is, when she is fourteen she is going to kill him.
    Unless it gets made into a film of course...

  2. I can't wait to buy this book for two reasons: One, I have loved Titian all my life, especially those late works, such as the Death of Acteon at the National Gallery and that miracle of a painting at the Wallace Collection. Secondly, I consider Mark Hudson a superb art writer and eagerly follow any article he writes for newspapers, such as the Telegraph. I can't wait to read his book. His daughter should be very proud of her dad.


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