Thursday 7 January 2010

Beware of Illustrators and Other Tips for Authors

My friend Jeremy is nine and is DEFINITELY going to be an author when he grows up ... or when he gets published, whichever comes first.

His idea of a cool website is and I managed to score some points with him by showing him how to access the thesaurus on Microsoft Word. Write Your Own Fantasy Stories (by SCBWI's own Tish Farrell) is his current bible, although he is quick to tell me that there are other genres available in the series.

He agreed to make this video with me in exchange for my revealing the ending of my unpublished adventure book Ugly City. I think I got the better half of the deal, don't you?

If you can't see the video because you're viewing this on a reader or on Facebook, go straight to YouTube

I was awarded the One Lovely Blog Award by Lucy Coats over at Scribble Central and by Mary Hoffman at Book Maven. For which, thank you so much!

Now I must pass on the lovely happy feelings to other blogs - I don't think I'm allowed to repeat those on Lucy and Mary's lists but no worries, there are so many great blogs out there and here are some of them!

1. The Book Thunker by 10 Year Old Boy Living in London

2. The Noisy Dog Blog by Sue Eves

3. Seven Miles of Steel Thistles by Katherine Langrish

4. Asia in the Heart by Tarie Sabido

5. Tall Tales and Short Stories by Tracy Ann Baines

6. Bewildered by Margaret Carey

7. Almost True by Keren David

8. The Bookette by Becky

9. Shoo Rayner's Blog

10. Sue Hyams' Blog

Oh! I forgot to mention I just discovered this cool blog The First Novels Club - what a great idea for a blog! I wish I got it first!


  1. Thank you! You've picked almost all the blogs that I would've chosen though and - yet again - two members of my family!!!

  2. Brilliant video! I loved Jeremy's tips - and am going to make sure I open a shop next week - or set myself up as a consulting psychologist to unpublished writers.

  3. Keren, I can't help it if your family is all over the internet!

    Nicky, I had some fantastic footage of Jeremy going through his files - a ream of writing and planning - but I took it on my mobile phone so the video wouldn't synch with the interview footage. He's way ahead of us, isn't he?

  4. Hey, I'm on your list- thanks Candy!
    Jeremy is way ahead -is he a member of SCBWI? - he knows way more than I did just a minute ago - yikes! Yep - likely he'll be published before he's grown-up. I think I could open a Children's bookshop...

  5. i was thinking of opening a coffee shop to save on me having to buy coffee when i go to work at Caffe Nero.

  6. Thank you again, Candy. =D

    And whoa, I don't know the other blogs on your list. I must check them out!

  7. Oh wow, what a lovely surprise! Thanks Candy.

  8. Thanks so much for this great video! I really enjoyed watching Jeremy deliver his writing tips - he seems very confident and not at all big-headed - I predict that the world will be hearing a lot more from him in future years!

  9. Thanks for the blog mention, Candy :D

  10. Candy, your video of Jeremy is priceless - in every sense. How very nice of him and you to feature my book. Since Jeremy has clearly cracked the creative process, the pitfalls of publishing and marketing, perhaps he would like to be my agent. I think this is a really serious offer. Whenever I wonder (which is most of the time) why on earth I write, I shall think of Jeremy and feel inspired. What a star.

  11. Tish, jeremy so loves your book. he will be chuffed that you commented on the video. i can't wait to tell him.

  12. Thank you for saying I have a good blog

  13. Too cute!!! I love #2. I shared the link to this video with the blue board!!!

  14. So awesome! His book isn't out yet, but I'm already a fan! :D

  15. Thanks candy and my idea of a cool website is not thesaurus .com it is scholastic book club .com and i'm on chapter 23 where they meet a water goblin.


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