Tuesday 24 June 2008

Technology: where I draw the line

I'm always harping on about how we do teenagers down about their use of technology and I really do believe they deserve our respect and that we writers should rise to the challenge of their world.

But this is ridiculous.

New twist on teenager watching TV in bed.
With thanks to my cousin Cornelio, who forwarded the picture.


  1. That's like when you're trying to read in bed, but you're too tired to prop up your head on your arm. SO then you read it with your face on the pillow but you can only really read the page facing you, and you try resting the book on the floor so you can sort of hang the top part of your head over the side of the mattress to see both pages. But then that doesn't really work either so you pack it in and go to sleep. (Or get up and leave long rambling comments on blogs.)

  2. To be fair ... I've done this with a laptop. I suppose one can't help owning a desk top and it's a credit to the young person for not letting the massive monitor get in the way.

  3. Crazy and unique! The best combination you can ever get in the creative world. Way to go Cornelio! (or whoever is in the picture) :)


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