Saturday 14 June 2008

Illustrator Jimmy Liao in my pocket!

I discovered illustrator Jimmy Liao in the Taiwanese exhibition on my first foray to the Bologna Children's Book Fair (This is his English site, for you non-Taiwanese speakers). His framed illustrations were stacked on the floor by the book display. The image on the right is of a picture book he did with a sightless girl as its narrator - showing the world from her point of view. I was so glad I took the trouble to get on my knees because I have not seen them anywhere else since, nor can I source the picture books. The photos I took using my feeble mobile do not do them justice.

This year at Bologna, the Taiwanese had Jimmy Liao up in lights with a massive hoarding and his work impressively displayed in glass cases.

Yesterday, my Jimmy Liao fandom was rewarded when Martin Gladas, director of leather goods manufacturers Taurus Leather UK, sent me this in the post:

It came in this fab bag:

Martin emailed to tell me he came across the purses at a leather goods exhibition in Hong Kong and is trying to bring them to the UK. He's read all of Jimmy's books and says, "I know they are for children but the illustrations are amazing."

Sadly, my daughter caught me admiring the purse and has cold-bloodedly appropriated it over my violent objections.

Well, if she thinks she can get away with that, she's got another think coming. I shall wait until she's asleep ... tonight ...

Thanks Martin for the kind freebie! Thanks, Jimmy, for your incredible talent! And you folks - go buy the wallets. They're on this page of Martin's site!


  1. Oh they're great. I like the bag!

  2. So, how come us wonderful bloggers raise such thieving children? I have one of those too. Girl, not bag.

  3. >So, how come us wonderful bloggers raise such thieving children?

    ah. i ask myself this over and over again. not to worry. last night i stole back the sack at least with the super bunny motif. it would be useful for bits and pieces in my bag.


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