Thursday 12 June 2008

Lee Weatherly launches Glitterwings Academy without me

I am sorry to report that I am ill again. The last time I was ill, I dragged myself to my friend Elizabeth's book launch.

Unfortunately the book launch I was going to attend today is in Basingstoke (why do I always get sick on book launch days?) - Lee Weatherly's Glitterwings Academy series. I haven't got enough puff to get to Basingstoke and back, so I'm going to have to miss it.


And we were all going to wear fairy wings to mark the occasion.

I was planning to wear bat wings just to be different.


Sorry I can't come, Lee er Titania Woods (cool pseudonym!). I hope you all have a brilliant, brilliant time! And I hope you sell gazillions of books and write gazillions more!

If I had gone to the launch, I would have dressed up like this:

Nothing like a goth fairy to spice things up.


  1. Can you do it anyway? Dress up and take a photo? I'd like to see Candy the Goth Fairy, please!

  2. Hope your feeling better.

    I can see it now.... fairy fashion magazine...

    the Goth Fairy
    the Geek Fairy
    the Very Fairy Fairy

    & so on

  3. What a coincidence! I had already had to decline Lee's invitation, as Basingstoke is a long way off for some of us, but was grateful last night, as I felt really rotten.

    Doubly grateful now, as I hadn't realised how I would need to dress. Goth is more of a thin fashion style...

  4. Hi Candy,

    I had a great lunch yesterday. thank you for taking the time to see me even though you were so poorly. Hope your asthma is better.

    The fairy book launch was fun and you were greatly missed. I'm sure you could do a photoshop version of that Goth fairy!

    I took a few photos that hopefully I will have time to put on my blog later today.

    Love Anita xxx

  5. Hope you get well soon Candy...bat wings would have been fandabidozie! I was lucky enough to hear Lee talk about the process of getting Glitterwings sold, very exciting!

  6. lee is coming to winchester to do a seminar on series for the scbwi conference as well as a repeat of her fab synopsis workshop!

  7. hey, bookwitch ... actually it was just a 'wear fairy wings' party, not the full shebang but you could;'ve always come as a witch!


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