Monday 22 September 2008

Meg Cabot in Britain

Nobody told me Meg Cabot was in Britain. How did all those teenagers who turned up in their hundreds for a book signing at Waterstones find out?

It's a conspiracy.

Pictured right: Meg accidentally reveals the end of Princess Diaries 10 while on a school visit in England. Photo

Anyway, Meg Cabot blogs very entertainingly about turning up in jeans at a black tie affair and measuring up to the wit and wisdom Richard Attenborough AND Anthony Horowitz:

Like I said I’m on my way to Bath now to speak at their 2nd annual book festival which I hope will go well. Or at least better than the speech I had to give last night, which was at a sales conference for some lovely book people who didn’t tell me it was a formal event (the men were in tuxes, the ladies in evening gowns), so of course I wore jeans. They also didn’t tell me the other speaker was Lord Attenborough (you might recall he directed the film Ghandi, among other things, like, oh becoming a lord). He waxed eloquently about his intimate friendship with Princess Diana and the deaths of his daughter and granddaughter in the tsunami whilst I sat at my table thinking, “*&%@! I have to go on after this, and talk about the Princess Diaries? Freaking shoot me now!” Sadly no one obliged.

Fortunately Anthony Horowitz, whom I didn’t even realize I was sitting next to, went on before (HE got the memo about formalwear, somehow), and gave a brilliant talk with many witticisms. Everyone laughed uproariously. Which just made it worse that I had to go after him because I had no speech prepared other than the one in my head which I’d written BEFORE Lord Attenborough, and so when I got up there I tried to change it around a bit to make it more full of pathos and witticisms, a kind of combination of Anthony’s and Lord Attenborough’s, which was of course a disaster. I found myself wondering, midway through as the lights beamed on me, and I was rambling away about Topshop (it’s a store in England kind of like a high end Express–I’m not joking, that’s really what I found myself talking about) what would happen if I just ran away. Or started to cry.

Since I've been posting a lot of random videos anyway, here's a relevant video, featuring Meg Cabot, dressed as a bride, talking about her book Queen of Babble Gets Hitched. It made me think my friend Fiona Dunbar (author of Pink Chameleon) really ought to do a video like this ... but dressed as a chameleon.

And yes. I'm still procrastinating.


  1. Hi! I've been subscribing to your blog for months, and it's only just occurred to me after reading this that I should introduce myself! Sorry - I should have done it sooner.

    I edit a book review blog called Chicklish, and we announced the Meg Cabot in Britain news a while ago (and I'm meeting her tomorrow to interview her for the site - wow! Perhaps you can link to our interview when I post it up? In any case, I should definitely link to your site.)

    So hi! And thanks for your great blog - I've thoroughly enjoyed reading it for a very long time!

    Chicklish is here:

  2. hi luisa, now i know that there is a conspiracy against me out there. i'm green with envy. have a good interview with meg cabot and yes, i certainly will link to this. please tell her i am very fond of her ...

  3. p.s. i am excited for you, luisa. what are you going to wear? i recommend a bridal outfit or a princess outfit.

  4. Hee hee, that would be great! But alas I have a three hour train journey to see her, and I don't know if I fancy being dressed as a bride or a princess all that time! On the other hand, it could get me a double seat to myself. ;)

    I've added a link to your blog on Chicklish now. About time too. :)

  5. She's here next week - on Monday, I think - the lady certainly gets around!

  6. >She's here next week

    in south africa? wow. meg cabot must be a very tired person.

  7. Dressed as a CHAMELEON?! (sorry, not shouting; no italics available)
    Yeah, right...need to think up an angle I suppose; not there yet.

    Enjoyed the excerpt; I felt her pain. Oh, but someone needs to tell her how to spell GANDHI, she added, pedantically.

  8. yep, in SA - and yes, tired and jetlagged sprang to mind. Will let you know how it goes.

  9. You didn't know? Oh, well.

    She's meant to be in Gothenburg about now, too. Saturday or maybe Friday. Though I'm not there this year.

  10. Went to Cabot's booksigning last night - story on the blog :-)


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