Tuesday 25 November 2008

On Focusing and Dropping off the Face of the Net

Just got a text from a friend who was wondering if I'd died - I'd been so quiet on the blog and on Facebook.

The truth is, I've been a really good girl.

I have written 21,000 words of my new novel. Helped organize some SCBWI events. And given a talk at a conference. Tutored my daughter for the admissions exams. And sorted out the house.

Nope. Not dead. Yet.

Click on the picture to see enlarged

This is a cartoon I did for the Comixtravaganza online exhibition of British SCBWI - an offshoot of the wonderful Turning Pages conference I attended this weekend (more to report soon!)


  1. Glad you're still breathing! The cartoon is hysterical! I'm looking forward to hearing about the conference. From all the SCBWI chatter it sounds like it was a great success

  2. It was great meeting up Candy! Loved the cartoon! Do you have any photos? cos my camera died before I could get any!

  3. ah, janey. it was good.

    jon, i have photos of the first day and then i forgot to take pictures. i'll put something up soon. still trying to be good.

  4. brilliant cartoon! It'd look great on a t-shirt.



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