Sunday 18 April 2010

Tweeting from the London Book Fair: Day One

What is it about book fairs and fate? When I went to the Bologna Book Fair, an airline strike threatened publisher flights. Now it's the London Book Fair ... and Iceland has erupted!

I am tweeting from the London Book Fair from Monday 19 April until Wednesday 21 April.

I'm not totally sold on Twitter and this is an experiment on its usefulness - last year, there was so much happening that I found myself wishing I had set up a facility by which I could tweet as things moved along.

This year, I am making a big effort. (It's an experiment - I hope it works)

So ... watch the twitter feed on the right which I've set up purposely for the London Book Fair!


  1. Oh my goodness, this volcano thing is going to be a disaster for the fair. :( Some of the seminars look great, though, looking forward to hearing what you say about it all!


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