Thursday 10 January 2013

Writing and Patience

by Teri Terry

Hello! Remember me? Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately. Fractured, the sequel to Slated, is out soon and I've got book 3 DEADLINES....gulp. I really should name it one day, shouldn't I?

And somewhere in the back of my mind amongst all the other worries is this one: what comes next?

There are some words of wisdom on this by Claire Merle, author of The Glimpse, over on Demention. Take a look by clicking on this link: Writing and the Lost Art of Patience.:
'Writing in long form requires an almost Herculean ability to delay gratification.' 
Patience isn't one of my strengths: I have a ridiculously short attention span with most things, and could really relate to Candy's recent post about the dangers of multi-tasking when trying to write a novel. It isn't so much the competing demands on my time that are my problem; it is more the inability to focus without quiet time and space. If, like me, you're not a naturally calm and quiet person, even more so.

But how can I write one book while worrying about the next one? I can't.

So I'm working on it: shutting out the distractions now. And having faith and patience: somewhere in that mess of ideas there will be the next one. It will wait for me to find it when the time is right.

Patience, grasshopper.

p.s. does linking to someone else's excellent blog count as a blog?


  1. I am finding noise cancelling headphones jolly useful on the whole distraction front. Oh, and not reading so many blogs...oops!

    1. oh I've been thinking about trying some of those: do they really cut everything out? (e.g. if the footy is one in one room and the radio blaring in the other, and my office doesn't have a door?)

  2. I am glad to know that Fractured is out soon - I am looking forward to reading it.
    Regarding your postscript, I say yes (I blogged about Sally Poyton's blog yesterday).

  3. 'Writing in long form requires an almost Herculean ability to delay gratification.'

    Boy, you can say that again! Brilliant piece by Claire, I am so in touch with her 'What next?' emotion! Do read it!

    1. Candy - I wonder if this quote is the crux of why it is so hard to write, and not eat cake? you can't delay ALL gratification


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