Saturday 8 May 2010

Holden Caulfield is not Edward Cullen

Hey readers - I'm crazy busy right now and I am so overdue a post. What to do?

Let John Green do a guest post! Well ... sort of. I don't know someone as famous and cool as John so I'll just post something from his vlog (video+blog, come on guys, I told you this before).

So here's John in 2008 entertaining his YA readers with a critical analysis of Catcher in the Rye in three parts!


  1. This guy is awesomely funny! Is he a friend of yours?

  2. I wish! John is like, Mister YA! he won the Printze (the YA Oscar) for Looking for Alaska and has a rock star-level following amongst teenage nerds who like to call themselves "the nerdfighters".

  3. Okay. Anyone who doesn't have the time to watch all the videos(it's only 12 minutes!), my favourite line is the bit at the end of the third video where he says 'That's the miracle of text' and explains why we are bothered to love a book about a miserable teenager. Oh. And why using Catcher in the Rye as an English Literature text really really sucks.


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