Friday 14 December 2012

4th day of Christmas: Literary Agent Claire Wilson

Claire Wilson of RCW...

 Claire Wilson  joined the children's department at Rogers, Coleridge & White in 2007 having previously worked in publishing sales and rights. She works closely with Pat White, who has been at the agency for forty years, and is building a list of new authors including Tanya Byrne, Cerrie Burnell and Sue Monroe. Follow Claire Wilson on Twitter: @cmlwilson   

This is what I’d really like from my slushpile:

A funny YA with a strong voice and a unique humour

An outlandish tale told so confidently it convinces from the very first page.

 A love story

A fresh new take on the sort of fantastical adventures I used to read

And something unexpected.

Who knows what a colly bird looks like?


  1. Thankyou, Claire! Bedknobs and Broomsticks was the first film I went to see at the cinema!

  2. I'd love to know which fantastical adventures you used to read?

  3. I'm loving these Christmas treats! Thank you to the slushpile and to all the agents who've agreed to tell us what they want for Christmas!

  4. We need more adventure stories for girls. Surely the boys will want a piece of that too.

    1. There are plenty of adventure stories for girls! Fiona Dunbar appears to write all of them.

  5. Another great and inspirational list...I am getting so many ideas. Need to sit down and write one now and stop thinking about it. Happy Christmas!

  6. I wonder if there'll be themes standing out when we get to the end and print all of the lists off? Thank you Claire.

  7. I always liked like the unexpected :-)

  8. Lovely to come across you here, Claire! Thanks for the list.


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