Wednesday 30 April 2008

Another reason why we should all engage with technology

I am constantly bashing on about how children's authors have to engage with the internet, technology - with the default world that their readers are growing up with. A few days ago, I received this birthday greeting from my nephew in the Philippines - which absolutely made my day. Although it's made by his parents of course, this is a kid who doesn't see anything unusual in video-taping a message or chatting to me on webcam. He's cute, too.


  1. Oh Gosh - that's the cutest little vid I've ever seen! I love his little Megabloks candle!

  2. Can I copy the above comment? I so agree: this is the cutest video ever! And I love your nephew. Must bring him to LEGO land when he can handle the smaller blocks ;)

  3. and his reaction at the end is so funny!
    Love the birthday greeting.

  4. The thing with the megabloks in the end makes the whole video. so funny! it makes me so homesick though.


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