Monday 28 April 2008

Brighton Children's Book Festival: the Bookseller's-eye-view

Providing Brighton festival goers with books to buy were the kind people from Bags of Books, the Lewes based children's bookstore (one of a decreasing number of specialist booksellers in the country, I might add). Their stall was located in the corner of a room exhibiting some rather startling photographs.

This was the view from behind the book counter:


  1. What is up with that bedroom scene? :-D

  2. Now there's a tough customer.... I'm trying to imagine if there are any words I could put down on paper (children's genre) that would take his attention away from that photo / video....

  3. Customer? That was the bookseller. He and the other people selling books sat there all day opposite that photo They were pretty stoic about it though.

  4. Is that what happens to you if you become a bookseller of children books?

    Hey oh! Vive la France!

  5. Gosh, that was a mouthful!
    Why can't I edit my own comments?

    I meant 'children bookseller'... but, hey! bookseller of children books is the long winded way of saying it :) Just in case anyone wondered...

  6. bags of books were really good sports about it. it must have been exhausting sitting in front of that photo all day.


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