Sunday 20 April 2008

Yikes! I've been tagged!

The rules:

1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people and post a comment to Angela's blog once you've posted your three sentences.

I am sitting at the kitchen table in the holiday cottage that I let as part of my non-writing work. The nearest book is GIVE ME SHELTER - stories about children who seek asylum, edited by Tony Bradman. It's either that or the Reader's Digest Illustrated Guide to Gardening.

It's an auspicious choice because I have just heard that my short story has been accepted for a Tony Bradman anthology! Funny that I feel so relieved.

Also, in further shameless advertising, the short story Samir Hakkim's Healthy Eating Diary by my good friend Miriam Halahmy is featured in Give Me Shelter, which has just been shortlisted for the UK Literacy Association Award.

These are sentences 6 - 9 from Cherry Strudel by Leslie Wilson on page 123 of Give Me Shelter:
Old Her Next Door said, "Mrs Asllani, I should have got the whole greenhouse reglazed years ago. With safety glass."

Vjoleta said, "You're only getting the new glass because of Jusuf."

"That's not true," said Old Her Next Door.
Now off to tag five people. Hmm. Angela's already tagged Paolo, so here's my list of taggees:


  1. Thanks Candy - can always count on you for a bit of distraction. Fifteen minutes worth at least... have done the deed!

  2. That book sounds amazing!
    Tell us when the book with your short story will be out!

  3. Do you know how difficult this was. Talk about, 'Anita no friends!'

  4. That was interesting. I'm done tagging as well!

  5. Whew! That took longer than expected. Dinner is cold.

  6. Aghh, I'm gonna hunt you tagging guys down and shove pies in your faces...!

  7. sarah - it wasn't me! it was angela!

    anita - you've got a friend in me!

    jude - you distracted well!

    candice - take it away to the other side of the world!

    heather - sorry about dinner!

    angela - next step for anthology is editing, and then waiting and waiting and waiting ...

  8. Had to leave the house - finished a few hours ago - even tried to leave a comment from another computer while I was out. Back now. Thanks for the reminder that Spring Break is over!

  9. Candy ur friends are the fastest in the blogosphere

  10. Not sure if I'm supposed to post here, but I posted my page 123!

  11. I keep changing the link in rule 5 from you to me and back again - can we clarify rule 5?

    Still, we getting around a bit now aren't we!

  12. >I keep changing the link in rule 5 from you to me and back again - can we clarify rule 5?

    well, my guess after clicking back and forth to other people who had done the meme was that you changed the name to yours. it must be.


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