Saturday 3 December 2011

Countdown to Christmas: Commissioning Fiction Editor Helen Boyle of Templar Publishing

When she's not tweeting, reading or writing about books, Helen Boyle has two of the best jobs in the world. Editor of tBkmag, a magazine for Peters Bookselling Services aimed at 8-12 yr old readers, and Commissioning Fiction Editor for Templar Publishing's new and exciting Fiction list. Luckily she's a fast reader.


Dear Father Christmas,

I promise I've been a very good editor this year - all my apostrophes and en dashes in line, fifteen fabulous Templar fiction titles launched and four jam-packed issues of tBkmag sent to the printers. 
So please, please, please can I have a submission stocking stuffed with...

1 A cracking boys adventure thriller, that packs a laugh as well as a punch.

A futuristic yet real fantasy. Something without the gloom and nihilism of dystopian.

3 A quirky love saga. One that's epic and emotional, endearing and everlasting.

4 Some far-out crazy caper, with original characters, real wit and lashings of wackiness.

5 That oh so rare, original narrative voice that makes your heart beat that bit faster.

6 A cloning machine (for myself and my fab team) and an endless supply of post-it notes and nice pentel pens.

7 But above all I'd like that germ of potential, the hidden spark of something great, that can be teased and coaxed into existence.

Not much to ask surely? 

 Slushpile note: According to the Bookseller just weeks ago in November, Templar has ambitious plans for growth. Templar's submission guidelines are here.


  1. This is such a nice post! I'll cross my fingers for those post-it notes and pentel pens...

  2. Ok That covers EVERY aspect of my current WIP! But seriously, many thanks, slushpilers for another fasinating post.

  3. Well, I hope you get all of the above! Happy Christmas!!

  4. That's a big Submission Stocking - at least you can enjoy a juicy satsuma at the bottom of the pile. Merry Christmas!

  5. Hmm definitely adding a cloning machine to my Christmas list. But does that mean doubling my wardrobe spend?

  6. I have germs! Over here, over here!!! Oh - germs of potential...I see...ah well in that case, may Santa bring you everything you wish for :o)

  7. ...and would just like to point out that Templar publish amazing Stephanie Burgis: her first one 'A Most Improper Magick' which I really LOVE. Still dying to read the second one.

  8. Another great post. This short sharp snippets are proving to be truly inspirational. I get the distinct feeling 2012 could be a great year for many of my fellow writers.


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