Wednesday 7 December 2011

Countdown to Christmas - Editor, Amber Caraveo, Orion

Amber CaravĂ©o is Editorial Director at Orion Children’s Books. She joined Orion Children's Books in 2010 from Random House.Before that she was at Working Partners, and many years ago she used to create children's titles for a magazine company – heady days when she interviewed stars such as Gordon the Gopher! She has an MA in Children's Literature and has been privileged to work with a host of wonderful and award-winning authors. Amber lives near Maidenhead with her husband and too many cats!

Amber Caraveo

1When Addy suggested I write this blog she asked me to list three things I want in a submission for Christmas – and then she jokingly suggested a diamond-filled envelope! At first I thought she must have sneaked a peek at my childhood letters to Santa, then I realized she’d just read my mind. Because a diamond-filled envelope is exactly what I want for Christmas – an envelope full of sparkling, unique stories with depth and clarity and a cutting edge!

2 I’m sure that’s probably three wishes in one, but if I’m allowed another two then . . . YA is my passion so it would be wonderful to receive an exciting, innovative YA debut.

3 And for my third wish . . . Can I have a fantastic new adventure for 9-12s please? A marvellous, magical middle-grade novel, reminiscent of The Dark is Rising or Tom’s Midnight Garden, would be a real treat (I’m not asking for much then!). And, Santa, if you’re reading, then maybe just one teeny-tiny, glittery little diamond!!!

What's my favourite children's book?


  1. Another delightful little glimpse into the mind of a commissioning editor. Many thanks guys. At this rate we'll all know exactly what to pitch and to whom well before Christmas.

  2. It's going to be really interesting putting them side by side at the end and looking for a trend! Thanks Amber and Addy.

  3. I've always believed that the children's book world is awash with the most interesting and generous people. And we've got lots more to come!

  4. I am working as hard as I can on the middle grade novel Amber.

    Now Santa, in my stocking I would just like to find an agent!

  5. Me too George, am working as fast as I can on that middle grade novel and the innovative (I hope) YA. As Jeanette says it is so useful to have some idea of what they are looking for.Plus I am with you on the diamond Amber....I am hoping Santa will pay attention to us both ;-)

  6. yes yes yes,
    love sparkle
    love diamonds
    but would love an agent so much more so I could submit to Amber at the very cool Orion Children's Books!


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