Monday 12 December 2011

Countdown to Christmas: Julia Churchill of the Greenhouse Agency

Julia joined the Greenhouse Agency in 2009, having spent time at both Sheldrake Press and Darley Anderson. She's based in London, looking after the UK side of the agency. Julia loves the treasure hunt of the slushpile (take note, everyone!) and can often be found in various cafes around West London buried in a pile of manuscripts. She can also often be found at British writers' events and is always on the lookout for both new and established authors with storytelling magic. Greenhouse exclusively represent children's writers, and take pride in nurturing and developing the talent of exceptional writers.

Julia's Christmas Wishlist:

1 Downton Abbey for teens with heat and intrigue
2 A young series as funny and surprising as Mr Gum

3 A tearjerking love story set in space

4 A 9-12 fantasy adventure that feels conceptually fresh

5 Something entirely unexpected. Those are my favourites!

Slushpile note: The Greenhouse Agency are actively looking for writers, so polish that submission and get it in the post! The Slushpilers also love Greenhouse for representing some of SCBWI's very own - including Sarwat Chadda (Devil's Kiss) and Harriet Goodwin (The Boy Who Fell Down Exit 43) - both previous Undiscovered Voices winners, a competition of which Julia Churchill is herself a judge (something we also love her for!).


  1. I hope you get what you want Julia, you certainly work for it :o)

  2. Downton Abbey for teens gets my vote, not that I'm writing that, but I'd love to read it. I'm attempting number 2.

  3. How about Downton Abbey in space with a hot and intriguing tear-jerking love story? Thanks for all your SCBWI support Julia and thanks again slushies.

  4. Hmm, has Julia set up some sort of telepathic connection to me...? Right, better get on with that tear jerking space love story and the 9 - 12 fantasy! C'mon, Jeannette, I'll race you! ;-)

  5. Ah, yes... Mr Gum. I read this out loud to my daughter, and was laughing so much I could barely finish the page! Love it - but could never write it. Andy Stanton ROCKS (that from both my daughters, and most their friends - Mr Gum is not just for boys!)

  6. I'm writing something unexpected at the moment. it's unexpectedly taking a long time.

  7. Sort of Star Trek retro, Jeanette? I can do that! Thanks, Julia!

  8. Thanks for the great list Julia! I'm quite intrigued by Downton Abbey for teens...


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