Monday 5 December 2011

Countdown to Christmas: Our Wishes for Undiscovered Voices Everywhere

Undiscovered Voices

Today is the day twelve undiscovered voices will be revealed ...

We send them huge
and hope they will
leap off the slushpile 
and onto the shelves.

But for all who remain undiscovered 
we offer these good wishes

We wish you all a happy ride,
We wish you joyful writing.
We wish you peace and comfort,
Kind friends and understanding.

May your stories grow and prosper,
May your voice be loud and clear.
May your villains be pure evil,
And your heroes full of cheer.

May you learn to love your journey,
May you learn to love your craft,
May you learn to laugh at your
Mistakes... even when they’re daft.

Words by Maureen, sentiment - the team.

Congratulations to you, the undiscovered, for all the hard work, dedication, and perseverance that you have in bucketfuls. Keep writing, keep going, keep loving what you do.
The Slushpile Team


  1. An exciting day! Well done to all the 2012 winners.

  2. Wow! Results are up on the UV competition:

    So pleased and excited to see two from the slushpile team on the list: Jo Wyton and Maureen Lynas. Hurrahs!

    We seem to have trouble keeping slushpilers on our blogging team - they keep getting discovered!

  3. Woo-hoo! What a day! Congrats to one and all and big hugs to Jo and Maureen.

  4. Well done Maureen and Jo! Methinks yo wont' be slushpilers for much longer.

  5. Thank you! Am now having toast and champagne! Big hug Jo!

  6. Many congrats, Jo and Maureen. Bit early for a drink but will toast you later. X

  7. Champagne before 9 a.m.? You go, girl!

  8. Only one glass! It's been in the fridge for eleven years, boy was it cold.

  9. Huge congratulations UV-ers! This is a big day on your writing journey!

  10. Maureen - I have a similar bottle waiting in my fridge! Not sure what for, eventually I'll probably get desperate and drink it because it's a Saturday or something.

  11. congrats, maureen and jo! the slushpile is proud of you! we'll drink to you tonight, at the scbwi london social.

  12. ... and congrats to the other UVers as well! artists and writers your poem, maureen!

  13. Great news - another batch of UV graduates emerges - happy days!

  14. Maureen and Jo, A really big CONGRATULATIONS for you both.
    The poems great by the too, thank you from a long-lister who did not quite sneak in to the anthology! :)


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